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For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you. It isn't quite as speedy for text input as a BlackBerry, but the key clicks are reassuringly firm. The Shortcut keys are large and well placed. While they're initially a touch confusing to navigate, we soon found them second nature.

Using the operating system itself is straightforward, however, thanks to some helpful advice from the onscreen cartoons.

Sidekick II Repair

As for the software, there are excellent calendar and address book applications - you can export contacts from Outlook via a text file, but there's currently no way of doing the same with a calender. AOL's Instant Messenger client works very well, and there's a web browser, which, unlike many offerings, doesn't place any form of restriction on where you can surf.

Rather than synchronising directly with a PC, the service also includes a personal web portal, which mirrors the data on your handset. You can then log on to a dedicated web page from any Internet-connected PC, allowing you or anyone else with your password to change the data. This will then update the information on your Sidekick II in a matter of minutes.

Danger's 'Blackberry for consumers' arrives at last

It's a groundbreaking feature that will also work with pictures taken via the VGA camera up to a maximum of This is so you can add your own style. The most important aspect of a converged device is its usability.

The coolest smartphone of all time.

Melding the functionality of multiple devices into one and making it simple to use still is a challenge. Danger has made this device one of the simplest and most straight forward to use converged devices out there. The fact they have tight control over the device by providing their own operating system and consistent user interface actually goes a long way in helping to achieve this. The User Interface and applications on this device are all coded in Java and run on the devices own OS and virtual machine.

But in addition to making the software interface easy to use, the buttons on the device are very straight forward and easy to learn.

All of these buttons are nice and big, with icons that indicate what they do. The buttons have good tactile feedback when pushed.

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In addition to this, the audible feedback that a button has been pushed is consistent throughout applications. The device buttons are particularly nice for browsing the web. Click on the Menu button to jump to Bookmarks or Favorites. Click on the bottom right button, or Back Button, to navigate Back. Use the keyboard to type in information into a webpage in a very easy manner.

Sidekick's Worthy Update

The scroll wheel and D-pad lend themselves beautifully to scrolling up and down on a web page. The phone on this device is not stand-out, but works well in general. The Sidekick 2 uses GSM for voice communications. The Sidekick 2 also has a speakerphone, the speaker for which is located on the back of the device.

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In order to dial a number you can flip up the screen and use the dedicated number pad keyboard after entering the phone application, or you can call up a numeric display on the device and navigate through the numbers using the scroll wheel or D-pad to enter numbers. Using a recent call list or missed calls from within the phone application can also be used to dial out. It offers bookmarks, favorites, forward and back browsing of course. Sites such as www. The color screen makes for an enjoyable web browsing experience as opposed to the original Hiptop device which was colorless.

You can have up to 10 conversations going at a time. You can put up an away message and all that good stuff. Since this is a GSM based device it uses a SIM card so you can import contacts from your old phone simply by dropping the SIM card into the Sidekick 2 and then importing them using a procedure outlined in the instruction manual.

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You can easily enter contacts into your address book and include simple information such as the persons name, phone, email, web address, mailing address and notes. Using the keyboard makes it easy to enter a new contact. After the contact is added you can quickly navigate through your address book and with two clicks of a button call them.

Basically, Danger has provided this service in which all of the information you enter into your device is synched back up to an online server within seconds. This information is then available to you via a website that has the same login and username you use on your Sidekick 2 device for email. I find being able to access information that is on the device via a website is somewhat handy, I especially like the fact all the pictures you take on the device are uploaded to the server as well.

Makes for easy download. Danger promised synch capabilities with Outlook for this second device and although it was not available at release of the device, there is now a 3rd party application that offers this ability. A company called Intellisync formerly PumaTech, www. So the good news is that Outlook synch is provided, but it is dependent on the carrier as to whether they make this available and supported, and it will cost you extra and little documentation exists.