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The National Do Not Call Registry website has information for consumers, as well as information for telemarketers about their responsibilities related to the Telemarketing Sales Rule. On June 17, , the Federal Communications Commission amended Telephone Consumer Protection Act rules to require telemarketers to honor registrations on the national Do-Not-Call list indefinitely, so that registrations will no longer expire after five years.

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Under the revised rules, numbers will remain on the national do-not-call list unless the consumer removes his or her number or discontinues service. Consumers will no longer need to re-register their numbers on the national do-not-call list every five years.

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Skip to main content. The state ranks 45 th nationally in active registrations per , residents. Skip to content By now, many of us — fed up with incessant and unwanted telemarketing calls — have put our phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry.

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Consider these next steps: When you get illegal sales calls, simply hang up. Be sure not provide any personal info as illegal callers are often scammers. File a complaint.

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  5. You can report the illegal call to the Federal Trade Commission by visiting donotcall. Be patient. Due to the volume of reports received, the Federal Trade Commission cannot directly respond to every complaint.

    Here’s the Truth About the National Do Not Call List

    But when enough people file complaints regarding a particular violator, investigators can spot trends — then identify the parties responsible for the illegal calls and take legal action. So far, the agency has filed lawsuits against hundreds of companies and individuals found responsible for placing unwanted calls, leading to over a billion dollars in judgments against offenders. Look into call blocking.

    If the caller is not a telemarketer, he or she is offered an option of dialing 8 to complete the call. Illegal call types According to Federal Trade Commission statistics,robocalls accounted for more than 4.