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Commencing in , Patient A began working at an after-hours walk in clinic with Dr. In the evenings, they were often alone in the Clinic. No other staff members were present. At around this time, Dr. Izzeldin began making unwanted sexual advances to Patient A, and engaged in touching of a sexual nature of her breasts and buttocks, as set out below. In the evening, during an after-hour clinic, Dr.

Izzeldin approached Patient A while she was cleaning an examination room. He closed the door, approached her from behind, and embraced her in a hug. Without saying anything, Dr. Izzeldin inserted one of his hands underneath her shirt, underneath her bra, and groped her breast.

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Izzeldin kept his other arm wrapped around her in the hug. He nuzzled her ear with his nose. Patient A did not say anything. She pushed herself out of his embrace, walked out of the room and continued to do her work. Izzeldin engaged her in unwanted hugs from behind and groped her breasts on four or five occasions between and On other occasions, while Patient A was sitting at the nursing station, Dr.

Izzeldin took her hand and pulled her into an examination room. He shut the door behind her. He engaged her in long hugs from the front, and while doing so placed his hand on her bottom and rubbed her buttocks. Patient A froze on these occasions, unsure of what to do. She did not tell anyone what occurred. She was very embarrassed and continued to do her work. Izzeldin also made inappropriate comments to Patient A. He asked her when she lost her virginity.

He asked her whether it hurt to have a Pap done. She continued to work at the day clinic.

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In , she went on leave. When she returned, she was assigned to a different clinic and did not work with Dr. Izzeldin again.

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B started working at the Clinic. Her work area was isolated from the rest of the Clinic, and she generally worked entirely alone. Shortly after Ms. B started working at the Clinic, in or around October , Dr. Izzeldin began hugging her. She thought it was unusual. He would frequently come to her office and ask her for hugs. By around Christmas of , Dr. In around Christmas of , Dr. Izzeldin began rubbing his leg against her in a sexual manner, while hugging her. On many occasions, while embracing her in a hug, Dr.

On other occasions, Dr. Izzledin moved his hands up her sides and touched the sides of her breasts. B pushed his hands away and moved away from him. On many occasions, while she was sitting at her desk, Dr. Izzledin leaned forward to hug her. On these occasions, he attempted to insert his hand down her shirt to touch her breasts.

On some occasions he was successful, but on other occasions, Ms. Izzeldin also attempted to kiss her on multiple occasions.

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He placed his lips near her cheek and then moved his face quickly so his lips were on her lips, with an open mouth. B pulled away. Izzeldin repeatedly asked Ms. B repeatedly turned him down, but he persisted. She told him his conduct was inappropriate.

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She felt violated and uncomfortable. Izzeldin also gave Ms. B gifts, including cash. Another time, after she had turned down his invitations several times, he offered to pay for Ms.

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In , Ms. C undertook a work placement at the Clinic. Later, she worked at the Clinic as a temporary worker. While at the Clinic, Ms. C was trained by Ms.

She worked exclusively with Ms. However, after her work placement was completed, she worked alone in the work area. C had minimal interaction with the doctors while working at the Clinic. The exception was Dr. Izzeldin, who touched her inappropriately and engaged her in unwanted hugs. While working, Dr. Izzeldin came to Ms. C to have blood drawn. At the end of the encounter, he hugged Ms.