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Convicts were married by banns having first obtained the Governor's permission. You appear to be sensible of the Importance of promoting the Increase of Marriages in the Colony; and, undoubtedly, the very great proportion which appears to exist of illegitimate in comparison with Legitimate Children, leads to the conclusion that a proper System for advancing this grand object has not been adopted.

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From the Circumstances of the Colonists, and the Numbers that go out leaving their Wives or Husbands in England, and the Disproportion between the Sexes, it must be extremely difficult to remedy the evil complained of; but I have understood that sufficient Pains have not been taken with respect to the Disposal of the Female Convicts on their first arrival in the Colony, and that they have been indented to improper Persons in order to ease, as soon as possible, the Expense of supporting them by Government Rations.

The Impolicy of this System is so obvious that I trust you will not persevere in it, but in every case endeavour to make the Reformation of the Female Convict and her regular Settlement by marriage a Consideration superior to the saving, for any short period, the expense of maintaining her. It is arranged alphabetically by surname and subject. Convicts had to obtain permission to marry from the Colonial Secretary. There are also instances where correspondence relating to the marriage of free people was kept by the Colonial Secretary.

Records relating to marriages are listed under the names of the parties. Item list:.

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The returns show name, age, status widower, widow, bachelor, or spinster , ship and year of arrival, sentence, free or bond, present service, character and result of application. They have not been listed here, but individual entries may be located by using the microfiche index. Index list An index to these returns has been compiled by Joan Reese and Norma Tuck and published on 8 microfiche.

The first three fiche give name, ship and year of application. It is then necessary to look at one of the other five fiche under the year. At the beginning of the entries for a particular year is an additional index which provides a page reference.

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From there one turns to the main entry which records, for both parties, name, age, ship and year of arrival, and status. It also provides reference to the original record in the collection, and microfilm or other copy. A more detailed description of the index is provided in the Introduction at the beginning of the first fiche. As convicts were often applying to marry free persons, the information in the index is not restricted to convicts still under sentence. Item list The returns were microfilmed in the order that they were found in the boxes at the date of filming.

Unfortunately the extent to which the arrangement of the returns had been disturbed in use was not realised and hence the order in which they appear on the films is not always logical. This Item list is designed to reflect the order of the returns on the films, without going into excessive detail.

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Researchers may have to search for a particular reference on a film but the return should be there. The names of the parties do not appear in the indexes to the volumes. Information given includes: the number and date of the licence; parties' names; and where, when and by whom the marriage was solemnised. In many cases name of parent father or mother , name of previous spouse for women only , occupation, and place of residence are also recorded.

The butts record licence number; date; the bridegroom's name, residence and designation bachelor, widower ; the bride's name, residence and designation; and the church, parish, county and Minister.

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There are two sections-those granted permission to marry and those refused permission-which provide varying degrees of information, eg. A copy of this index is located at COD Original letters from the Colonial Secretary and later the Principal Superintendent of Convicts, to Presbyterian ministers granting, or not, permission for the publication of the banns of marriage From the volume consists mostly of declarations that parties are free to marry.

To narrow your search, estimate birth dates using information found in census records and in other records.

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Narrow your search for marriage records by looking at the age and birthplace of the first child. This information can also be found in census records.

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